Grid Power PSF90


Grid Power PSF90 PSF90 SERIES WATERPROOF CONNECTORS PRODUCTS FEATURES Flat wiping contact systemMinimal contact resistance at high current, wiping action cleanscontact surface during connection/disconnection Mechanical keyed housingsPrevents accidental mating of components operating at differentvoltage levels Water proofConnector pair inserted to waterproofing level IP67 Ergonomic designIs “user friendly” during connection and disconnectionof the system Lock catchSelf-locking […]

Grid Power PSF75


Grid Power PSF75 Grid Power PSF75 Waterproof Connectors Grid Power PSF75 Waterproof Connectors Lock designConnector provides primary self-locking and secondary enhanced self-locking Wire to wire and Wire to panel choiceWire to wire, wire to panel design Touch safe interfaceTo minimaze potential contact with life circuit Flat wipping contact technologyFlat wipping contact technology, low cost design […]

Grid Power GRD – GRD-M

grid power energy-storage-connectors

Grid Power GDR series Grid Power GDR Series The ENERGY STORAGE CONNECTORS (E.S.C.) series GRD and GRD-M are field installable.High reliable alternative to common compression lugs.Using industry standard crimp. Busbar, inner and outer screw termination options. The GRIDPOWER E.S.C. connectors range are environmentally sealed and features a quick and press-to-release design.Incorporating the latest technology of […]

Modulo pre carica


Modulo precarica Circuito precarica condensatori per controlli Borgwarner – Sevcon con utilizzo di teleruttori alta tensione (700-900 V cc.) Disponibili per controlli: GEN4 SIZE 8 GEN4 SIZE 10 GEN5 SIZE 9 HVLP (High Voltage Low Power) Torna indietro

Gen4 ECU


Gen4 Synchro Drive Gen4 Synchro Drive The 666/20004 control unit enables you to manage, using a microprocessor, driving and vehicle safety features, to manage the transmission and receipt of data between the controls and interfaces with the GEN4 SEVCON, BMS battery. It is also equipped, as on optional, of an internal Bluetooth module so you […]

Display Touchscreen

Display 4.3" Touchscreen

Display 4.3″ Touchscreen Display 4.3″ LDC-TFT Touchscreen The ITC 4.3″ Display is a CAN open tool for displaying all the  information from the Sevcon GEN4 control connected to the electric vehicle motor.It is also completely customizable and can be operated with battery status management systems (BBS, BMS). Characteristics: CANopen. 4.3-inch 480×272 resolution with color LCDTFT […]

DC/DC Converter

BorgWarner DC/DC Converter Family

DC/DC Converter Family BorgWarner DC/DC Converter Family BorgWarner DC/DC converters are ideally suited for electric vehicle applications. Each model incorporates a sturdy and efficient design within a compact footprint. An isolated and stable 12 or 24 Volt output works with industrystandard lights, wipers, and other electronics. This provides a simpler and more economical solution than […]