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Componenti elettronici, strumentazioni, equipaggiamenti ed apparati

Since 1985 I.T.C. distributes and produces in Italy in partnership with world leading companies in their respective sectors, electronic components, instruments, equipment and devices used in various sectors.

Electric traction

Energy conversion

Industrial power electronics



Single-pole and multi-pole power connectors in AC applications to C.C. up to 600V with currents from 10 to 500A, mainly used in the sectors:

  • Medical equipment
  • Telecommunication and data transmission
  • Civil and industrial electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Generators and energy converters and solar systems
  • Robots and industrial and railway systems
  • Power and auxiliary interconnection in lithium and “Fuel Cell” batteries


Controls / Inverters with power supply from 24 to 800V DC for both three-phase induction AC asynchronous and sinusoidal three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motors with powers from 1 to 300KW, primarily used to drive motors/generators of:

  • Pure electric or hybrid, civil and industrial two and four wheel vehicles
  • Vessels with hybrid propulsion
  • Electric pumps for industrial applications
  • Agricultural and industrial vehicles with hybrid traction and electrical accessory functions
SMP Trombetta


Low voltage contactors from 12 to 48V DC for currents up to 800 A max, mainly used for:

  • Electric Vehicles
  • Electric pumps and engine starting
  • Gardening and agriculture machines

Furthermore, the I.T.C. to support the main products it produces:

  • Power WIRING (Engine Battery) with Grid Power connectors and with cables from 10 to 150 mmq.
  • Battery discharge meters and hour meters
  • Voltage CONVERTERS isolated and not with input from 24 to 240V DC and output 12 – 13.5 – 24 – 36/48 -72-96 V DC at 300 or 500 W.
  • Dashboard INSTRUMENTATION with LCD display, multifunction and customizable for use with SEVCON controls or other equipment with CAN Bus communication.
  • ECU MODULES and CAN CONVERTER for functional implementation of SEVCON controls
  • SYSTEMS for programming and adjusting performance of SEVCON controls
  • Capacitor pre-charge CIRCUITS for SEVCON controls with the use of high voltage contactors (700 – 900 V DC).

Thanks to the very high quality of the products distributed, to the efficient organization and to the highly qualified personnel, I.T.C. is able to offer the customer highly professional support both as technical consultancy in the project phase and as after-sales assistance.

I.T.C. today it can boast an image of absolute reliability on the market and is in a position to face the increasingly demanding challenges of the near future.