PowerSeal Full Silver Contactor


PowerSeal Contactor “Full Silver” Continuous Duty PowerSeal Contactor The PowerSeal is a sealed DC Contactor that gives you a high performing product at a very competitive price.The PowerSeal unit is available in 12v, 24v, 36v, and 48v coils. Features SPST DC Contactor Patented Product Design IP66 and IP67 Rated Choice of 12v, 24v, 36v, and […]

Sure Start Contactor


Sure Start Sure Star Trombetta’s New Improved Sealed Plastic Starting Contactor has been upgraded with an integrated connector that offers protection for the toughest environments including vibe, shock, water, dirt, etc… These products are designed to work with the new platform of starters that are extremely harsh due to their high in-rush and fast rise […]

Reversing Contactor


Reversing Polarity Reversing Polarity Trombetta’s Reversing Polarity (RP) DC Contactors provide a cost effective and simple solution for reversing polarity of permanent magnet DC motors. By integrating two DC Contactors into a single unit, Trombetta has streamlined the assembly.The result is less assembly time, less potential for problems and more reliable performance. The RPcan also […]

Powerseal Family

trombetta-powerseal contactor

Powerseal family intermittent and continuous Powerseal family DC Contactor for hydraulic power pack Switching For over 25 years, Trombetta has provided Hydraulic Power Pack OEMs with the best performing, most valued DC Contactors in the market. Our acclaimed PowerSeal is the muscle that drives hydraulic power packs on your tractors, pallet jacks, tailgate lifts, snow […]

Trombetta Plastic Contactor


Trombetta Plastic Contactor Plastic Contactor Plastic DC Contactors are ideal for high volume, cost-sensitive applications. A durable, high temperature resistant plastic housing makes these Plastic DC Contactors suitable for a variety of environmental conditions. This versatile family can be used for both small engine starting applications and driving electric motors, including lawn tractors, golf carts […]

Bear Contactor


Bear Family Bear An economical solution to high current switching applications. Strong construction and the ability to “bear” a high current-carrying capability have earned the Trombetta Bear DC Contactor Family its name. It’s big but efficient – the Bear provides an economical solution to high current switching applications.Battery management and emergency starting applications make the […]